Who we are

When the dream came true

The dream

This is the story of the passion of a man from the Douro for the region that culminated in the creation of elegant wines full of character.

Manuel was born into a humble family that was strongly linked to the land, and from which it took the livelihood of three generations.

He left young and ventured across the country in search of luck, but the appeal to his origins would speak louder and he returned to discover his childhood dream: to create his own wines as an expression of the unique authenticity of the Douro.

The fulfillment

He found in São João da Pesqueira area the ideal vineyards where the typical Douro varieties are planted and grapes of enormous quality give rise to wines that combine the experience accumulated over generations with the most modern winemaking and oenology techniques.

Manuel Correia Wines is a tribute to Manuel's roots, to his family, to the men and women who helped build the brand, parts of a whole transformed into its own unique product that carries, in each bottle, centuries of history, struggle, glory. and a lot of wisdom.