Manuel Correia was born into a modest family, which for three generations drew sustenance from a patchwork in the Douro.


He left as a young man. He made his around the country in search of luck, which he found on returning to where, years before, the immeasurable love of the region was born, which enabled him to realise a boyhood dream. Each step was the sum of work, dedication and resilience, coupled with the love of the family, which drove him to continue.


Guides us along a path of discovery of scents, aromas, tones, richness and sharing. It condenses the flow of time from the beginning of this markedly family to everything that it could be. The power of the name reminds us of the passion of who produces it everything else is within the wine itself.


With his eyes firmly on a future of opportunities in the rest of the country and around the world, based especially in Europe, USA and Japan, markets well able to recognize and appreciate what he does best. For this, he committed to the quality of a product of excellence. After all, each bottle conveys centuries of history, struggle, gory and a great deal of knowledge.


Douro Family is a tribute to his roots, to his family, to the men and women who helped to build up the brand, parts of a whole turned into a remarkable product.  Wine taught him about the time it takes for a dream to germinate, grow and gain strength.